How to Get Free Fire And Free Diamonds: The Easiest Method

Garena Free Fire: Top Three App tricks to earn Free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire OB28 Version: Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale mobile games in the world. As we all know, most of the games introduce new cosmetics time by time to keep players engaged in the game. These cosmetics contain new characters, new weapons and characters skins, emotes, and many more things. To get these items in Free Fire players spend quite an amount of diamonds.

How to get Free Fire And Free DiamondsThe Easiest Method

1. Exchange Free Diamonds With Banana from Yahoo : Using this method is certainly not the best, but the good news is, there is a decent way to get your Free Diamonds in Free Fire. All you need to do is follow the simple instructions here to convert Free Diamonds to Banana.

What is Free Diamonds in Free Fire and how to get it? Banana is one of the premium rewards that players get while participating in the Free Fire in Garena Free Fire and Bluehole Fire: PUBG Mobile. Players can also get 15 Free Diamonds after completing the game, but will have to spend their hard earned money. But, now, with this method, players can get this premium gift instantly without any need of making any effort.

Free Fire Players Need to Know

As the name of the game suggests, Free Fire offers only one location for the players to hide their weapons at the time of the match. The hard items to come across in the game are weapons, and you need to find these hidden under a pile of dirt or another cool place. However, the real challenge in the game is finding diamonds hidden in the game.

You have a limited number of diamonds and that puts a limit on how many cosmetic items you can get in the game. We will show you a way to get free diamonds in Free Fire that has worked for us. How to Get Free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire There is a trick to get these free diamonds in Free Fire. In this article, we will show you three tricks that guarantee you get free diamonds in the game. Let’s discuss them in details.

How to Earn Free Diamonds

Garena Free Fire’s free stock character named Krinsha: The stock character Krinsha can be the most efficient way for you to earn free diamonds. There are many ways in which you can earn free diamonds in this game and this article reveals a number of the most effective ways. Get a Krinsha skin: There are four sets of Krinsha skins for you to earn in this game. All of these sets have two skins each. So you can have two skins for each skin. The first skin set is ‘Walking Dead’ and the second one is ‘Victory’. You can use the top left character Krinsha as a master character. For every skin you get you can use one of the two skin sets. As the skins in this set include Wukong and Renown Krinsha, there are two ways you can earn it.


It is good to spend the required amount of diamond to get the said cosmetics. What you can do, though, is spending the precious diamond only to get the coins that are needed for the particular time.

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