Saroj Ka Rishta Download [4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p] Review

Saroj Ka Rishta Download 4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p Review : ‘Young lady ought to be lovely, polite and quality, ought to be skilled at family tasks, ought to be thin and fair.’ These are the boundaries, which are seen first in a young lady’s relationship.

Despite the fact that for quite a while a mindfulness is being spread about the reasoning like ‘each young lady is special, individual is’, however disregarding this young ladies generally remain casualties of body disgracing and with regards to the relationship of hefty young lady, guardians has an alternate basis. Chief Abhishek Saxena’s film Saroj Ka Rishta Download spins around this idea.

Saroj Ka Rishta Download Important Point

Directed byAbhishek Saxena
Story byDeepak Kapur Bhardwaj
Produced byAnmol KapoorNazia SiddiquiNarendra GargRaman Kapoor
StarringSanah KapurKumud MishraKritikka AvasthiGaurav PandeyRandeep Rai
CinematographyVasudev Rane
Edited byParesh Manjrekar
Music byScore:
Rahul Jail
Raees&Zain Saim
Vicky Agarwal
Ambi Abhi Productions
Aena Productions
Kapoor Films
Release date16 September 2022

Story of ‘Saroj Ka Rishta’

The tale of the film Saroj Ka Rishta Download is that of Saroj (Sana Kapoor), who is however weighty as she may be concerning weight, however certain as she may be. There is a dad in the house as Mada (Kumud Mishra), for whom his girl is his favorite. Saroj strolls a great deal in her own home, yet additionally in her whole region.


She thinks for even a second to beat the nearby hooligan who gathers gifts illicitly, then, at that point, likewise stands firm for her cousins in the house. As it were, Saroj is her number one and doesn’t have any desire to roll out any improvements about her weight, yet the story takes a turn when one day she out of nowhere sees her young life love Vikram (Randeep Rai) on the marriage online site.

Saroj Ka Rishta Download [4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p] Review

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Saroj ka Rishta Movie Download

Saroj’s life presently gets another mission. She equips to change herself to the tune of charming Vikram and getting hitched. By then rec center coach Shantanu (Gaurav Pandey) has given her his heart, yet Saroj can’t see his adoration.


To draw in Vikram, Saroj alongside her companion sets up a profile with her thin trim photograph, however things turn out badly when Vikram comes to Ghaziabad from Canada without illuminating him. What will Saroj do now? Will you conceal your falsehoods or uncover your reality? You need to watch the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film to know this.

Review of ‘Saroj Ka Rishta’

There is no question that this movie by chief Abhishek Saxena has been made with an excellent goal. Be that as it may, assuming that he had worked somewhat more on his story and characters, the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film would have become better, regardless of this, the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film figures out how to convey a message with a diversion in many parts.

The principal half of the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film is quick and tomfoolery, in the final part the story turns into a piece dull. The Saroj Ka Rishta Download film, on one hand, attacks young ladies who are keen on changing themselves for their preferred marriage, while on the other, it likewise takes a parody on the individuals who need a thin young lady for marriage. Albeit the runtime of the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film might have been decreased.


Among the numerous melodies of the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film, just Sonu Nigam’s ‘Hajiri Laye Dil’ is recollected. As far as acting, Sana Kapoor has given life to her job. His easy acting invigorates the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film, albeit the acknowledgment of his personality ought to have been strong.

Kumud Mishra has done equity to his personality in the job of a liberal and a caring dad to his girl. Gaurav Pandey has ended up being great in his personality, however, Randeep Rai lacks the screen space. The personality of companion and companion gives diversion.


Neelu Kohli sparkles in the job of Chachi. Panchayat notoriety Binod engages a great deal as a companion. The feature of the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film is the voice-over of notable entertainer Supriya Pathak, Supriya is additionally assuming the part of her genuine girl Sana’s mom in the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film. Notwithstanding, his presence is restricted to an image holding tight to the wall and a scene.

‘Saroj Ka Rishta’ trailer

Saroj Ka Rishta Download is the fourth film of Shahid Kapoor’s sister Sana Kapoor. Sana looked entirely agreeable on the screen. The narrative of the film starts with Sana for example Saroj Sharma. Saroj lives with her family in Ghaziabad, nearby Delhi. Not long after the beginning of the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film, the legend for example Gaurav Pandey becomes hopelessly enamored with her from the start.

Legend doesn’t mind at all what is the shape and size of the person who has experienced passionate feelings for. Binod in the web series Panchayat 2 will be considered stimulating you to be a companion of the legend. Sana’s genuine mother Supriya Pathak has given voice over in the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film and she has additionally turned into his mom in the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film.

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This sets of father and little girl will make profound

The story advances and Kumud Mishra looks ideal in the job of Saroj’s dad. This father-little girl pair will satisfy your heart. That is on the grounds that the dad doesn’t mind that the girl’s age is expanding, or the girl’s weight is expanding, he will wed her to similar kid whose girl Saroj likes.

Presently Saroj likes a cohort NRI of a school. Saroj arrives at Legend’s rec center to become hopelessly enamored with her. Presently to realize what befalls Saroj, how might Legend’s dal galegi, you need to watch the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film.

Blurred final part

Kumud Mishra is freezing in the job of father. Assuming they stimulate you at certain spots, they will make your eyes soggy. Sana Kapoor is wonderful however it will require some investment for her to acquire a traction in the acting scene. Gaurav Pandey attempted a ton to set the variety and he was effective somewhat.

Discussing the ambient sound, he was by the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film. The tunes moved the story. The most serious issue of the Saroj Ka Rishta Download film is its last part. Seeing the main scene after the span, you will be stunned with regards to what occurred. Foreseeing the story from here is definitely not a troublesome undertaking by any means, yet at the same time your advantage stays concerning what will occur straightaway.

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